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Kitchen with Island

Respraying Process

Let us help you create your dream Kitchen


Respraying Process

How it Works

Step 1.

Send us a Photo or video of your kitchen so our team can establish the condition, we can then give you a quotation or an idea of how much the costings will be.

Step 2.

We will agree on the job specifications and details including choice of. colours and finishes.

Step 3.

A start date will be arranged, in which we will arrive and meticulously prepare the working areas.

Step 4.

All draws and doors are removed and sprayed on both sides.

Step 5.

All internal parts of the kitchen will be masked up and all external parts of the kitchen including, side panels, cornices, plinths and kick boards will be sprayed leaving no overspray.

Step 6.

All masking is removed and all doors and draws are installed with any last finishing touches.

Step 7.

Your new kitchen is complete !

Create your dream Kitchen.
Tell us about your project today.

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